Meet Frank

Done It, Owned it, Achieved it and still Loving It!

My passion for sales has been running 40 years and I have walked the talk in sales within varied business sectors in countries around the globe spending many hours helping business owners improve their wealth.

The most asked question of me is what makes me different...

I really do have a big picture towards the future and what businesses of all sizes really want from experts like me.

Fact: I have had a diverse career and been involved with businesses at all stages of growth, holding senior management and director level positions and investing in retail businesses in the marketing and leisure industries, successfully transformed them and sold them profitably within a 5 year period.

Fact: I have started my own companies and grown these businesses from ground zero. I have a positive appreciation to sales, motivating people and how winning teams are made. I am first and foremost a devotee of positivity, it’s my key ingredient for success and it radiates out and feeds others.

Fact: I add fresh insight and fresh impetus to your business journey and positive energy to your sales teams to deliver better results.

People ask me...

  • Did I always win... No but I did win more than I lost.
  • Did I learn to win... Yes I did...I had some fantastic mentors.
  • What made me a winner... I had best tuition, the best training and the best team.
  • What made me unique in my sport... My focus, my speed, my timing and my technique.

Those same four words, Focus, Speed, Timing and Technique I still use today in my work with clients.

  • How I work

    The Frank Marsh Way is unique

    Salesman, Director, Business Owner, Coach, Trainer and Mentor to Santander... The way I work is all about imparting the learnable skills that work in today’s hybrid world of face to face and technology meetings.

    The Frank Marsh Way is unique and differentiates me from other consultants, trainers and coaches.

  • Let's Talk

    Now you’ve met me, let's work together and enjoy success.

    • YES... I have walked the talk in business sales and leadership for 40 plus years, knowledge and experience is everything
    • YES... I have trained 100’s of sales people and customer service teams in how to sell and how to deliver on a great customer experience
    • YES... I know how to get inside the buyers mind, what they want from you and how sales people can easily adapt
    • YES... I’m one of the few, who still goes out with sales people, a facilitator to customer meetings, helping by showing the Frank Marsh Way to building relationships and attracting more winnable business

Customer testimonials

  • Frank is always engaging, listens to your requirements in order to fully understand them and then provide the information in a succinct and timely manner. His wealth of experience and knowledge make him the "go to" person. A consummate professional in sales he demonstrates and maintains a level of communication skills not achieved by many.

    Jacqueline Frampton - Director Concept Business Events Ltd