How I Work

Achieve Sales Success – The Frank Marsh Way

You give up things when you choose the Frank Marsh Way to sales success. Things like shabby results, lost business, declining profits, poor attitude, negativity and what you can’t do.

The Frank Marsh Way shows you how to connect and engage with the right decision makers.

How I make a difference is by forensically looking at your sales process and working with you to implement or make changes so that you can sell effectively in today’s changing markets. That means not just telling you what you already know and should be doing but implementing positive’s that will deliver an increase in performance and profits.

The focus is on how to deliver the best possible outcome of sales over an agreed period of time.

Just doing enough to come close is not an option. I show you from day one how to beat your challenges, achieve your targets and increase your profits.

Look, speak and act with a true sense of purpose...the Frank Marsh Way is not going to be the same as other consultants, trainers and coaches. In fact be prepared as it will probably turn upside down your traditional ways of selling to show how to sell effectively as seen through the eyes of your customers.

  • Why I work like this

    Many people are using outdated knowledge or sales training methods

    This use of knowledge or sales training is not suited to the buying markets of today. Then leaders wonder why customers don’t buy more from them or worse inevitably leave. Remember, when you are delivering a great customer experience you will win sales consistently.

    Let me help you propel your business forwards.

  • Let's Talk

    The Frank Marsh Way

    • YES...selling today is not all about making a sale; it’s about how you make your customer feel and how they believe you are right for them plus what else you will do for them to make sure they will remain a priority for the long term.
    • YES...we know people buy from people but prove you have at your heart your customers interest and they will buy from you consistently. It’s having that great experience and how you made them feel that differentiates you from your competition.

Customer testimonials

  • We wanted coaching and sales training from someone who understood the buying market, our sales people and could work with us to make change in out thinking and practices. The workshop presentations by Frank were spot on, well structured, informative with meaningful role plays and humour. Individual advice from Frank was invaluable to the sales team and we now recognise what needs to be done to build our business future.

    George Martin - Managing Director Kingfisher Packaging