Business Mentoring

Mentoring to Help You Run and Improve Your Business.

Mentoring has been with us for many years but now has taken centre stage as one of the major contributions to a business increasing performance today.

Frank marsh with his mentee discussing their business needs.

More than ever companies are adopting mentoring into their business and employee plans now and for the future.

The benefits to your business are wide-ranging from improving leadership to impacting personal development which we know can positively support mental health and improve employee retention.

Did you know?

71% of Fortune 500 companies have introduced mentoring programmes into their businesses.

67% of businesses reported an increase in productivity due to mentoring.

55% of businesses felt that mentoring had a positive impact on their profits.

71% of people say that a mentor provides them with good opportunities to advance their career, which is a major consideration when 4 in 10 workers with no mentor have considered quitting their job in the past three months.

So let’s be clear there is a need to have a level of mentoring in every business today and you have a choice on the type of mentoring you need.

Mentoring can fit into any work place scenario. Just pick the one that’s right for you...

  • Mentoring directly face to face 1-2-1 with a mentee.
  • Mentoring at distance 1-2-1 with a mentee via technology.
  • Mentoring face to face or at distance via technology with a group of mentees.
  • Choose Frank Marsh

    Mentoring and why you should choose Frank Marsh

    I could talk to you about my 40 plus years in business, owner of business, the 34 companies that I have helped improve on performance or the 100’s of people I have trained in sales and customer service.

    YES... these are all important aspects of running a business but when all are added together you have a Mentor in FRANK MARSH that has the wealth and depth of knowledge and experience that you can TRUST.

    Portrait image of frank marsh smiling in a patterned shirt.
  • Mentee Benefits

    The Mentee benefits from the Mentor Frank Marsh

    A Mentee has an opportunity to gain practical knowledge and insight from a seasoned Mentor who has achieved a level of expertise they aspire to attain. An experienced and trusted Mentor in your business will help you build and increase on a host of essential skills. Those skills can be...

    • Self-confidence
    • Self-awareness
    • Job satisfaction
    • Aspiration
    • Likelihood of promotion
    • Loyalty to their company
    • Fulfilment at work
  • Business benefits

    The Business benefits from the Mentor Frank Marsh

    The positive outcomes of mentoring stretch far beyond personal development for the people involved in the partnership. Mentoring in the workplace has huge benefits for your company as well by increasing, Employee engagement, Employee satisfaction and Employee loyalty.

    These THREE BIG BENEFITS will help improve employee retention within any business. Now think outside the box for a moment. Frank Marsh as your Mentor can also improve:

    • Diversity in leadership
    • Knowledge sharing
    • On-boarding ease
    • Strong company culture
    Frank marsh laughing with another business owner.
  • Let's Talk

    Now consider the value Frank Marsh will have as a Mentor to an individual or group of people and the life’s worth that he brings to your people, profits and customers.

    So please let me be clear the Frank Marsh way of mentoring is all about helping people get to where they want to go by leveraging my knowledge and experience into their journey plan but also for making sure they consistently review and make corrections as needed to their plan which keeps them moving forwards on a trustworthy path.

    Get in touch now to talk and engage with the best Frank Marsh.

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Customer testimonials

  • We wanted new sales in vertical markets but needed the skills to engage at senior buying level. Frank coached and trained our sales teams on how to use the telephone as a sales tool, how to account manage at the strategic level and implemented a sales strategy that opened up new business opportunities that we could only have previously dreamed of. Frank is a master in helping you understand sales and to the value of people engagement.

    Ben Turner - Partner V12 Footwear