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How To Use Telephone as a Sales Tool - What you need to know about the telephone and how it plays its part in your sales success

The telephone - love it or hate it, the fact is it remains as the number ONE tool for engaging with people. We can’t ignore the telephone and its importance to our business. You may have a great lead generating machine like your web site, third party telemarketing, email and marketing campaigns, referrals and of course your customers, but at some point you will need to pick up the telephone and talk.

My workshop is ideal for anyone who needs to use the telephone in connection with their business.

My workshop ask the first question “ what you want to achieve from the telephone” then I will walk you through how to use the telephone correctly to win maximum response from existing customers or new prospects.

Please let me say at this point this is NOT a scripting for telemarketing sales where the number of calls is the main focus. YES, you can use what you learn towards making sales calls but the difference with my programme is that you will receive the right planning and preparation that you will make a higher Return On Investment. In terms of opportunities that means more meaningful conversations, more appointments, more proposals, more sales, more revenue and more happy customers.

What you will achieve...

  • You will come away loving the telephone and what it can do for you

  • You will know how to prepare before you pick the telephone up

  • You will form your opening introduction to hit home and gain interest

  • You will learn how to engage with the right questions

  • You will learn how to gain commitment and close on an action

  • You will learn how tone of voice plays a pivotal role in your delivery

  • You will test out what you have been shown in role plays (Great Fun)

  • You will leave with more confidence, more energy, more focus, more enthusiasm, grit and determination to enjoy the telephone

  • You will also leave with my refresher document on the workshop to help you remember

  • You will also have from me a follow up call to see how you are progressing

For more information...

Please book here to discuss what your challenge is and how you would like me to help turn it into an opportunity...

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Customer testimonials

  • Frank is always engaging, listens to your requirements in order to fully understand them and then provide the information in a succinct and timely manner. His wealth of experience and knowledge make him the "go to" person. A consummate professional in sales he demonstrates and maintains a level of communication skills not achieved by many.

    Jacqueline Frampton Director Concept Business Events Ltd