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To most, knowing where to start prospecting and how to qualify and approach is the most daunting of jobs to do.

However, with guidance of what to look for and how to set yourself in the right frame of mind you can achieve dramatic results. My sales training workshop will guide you through a process that will drive you to achieving more positive results from the effort you put in...

This sales training workshop covers a number of topics in the sales cycle which all work together to help you open a meaningful discussion with a prospect or existing client through to the making of a sale. Given the workshop would normally be held on a customer site and take a full day to complete, I have trimmed the content so that it fits into an on-line version, still compact when you add in interaction with candidates, which means the workshop comes in two x two hour sessions to give you breathing space in between.

Those currently selling, be prepared that you may find the Frank Marsh road map totally different to your current working, which is why I’m unique in what I do and what I achieve for others.

If you would like to purchase both programmes 5 and 6 together for £240.00+VAT then please contact Frank Marsh directly at [email protected] or 07967 132735

What you will achieve...

  • You will come away refreshed in the way to run a sales business

  • You will get to know how engagement techniques have changed in selling today

  • You will get to know how to level the buyer-to-seller playing field

  • You will get to know your client and their way of thinking

  • You will get to know how to put yourself in the negotiating seat

  • You will get to know how to always be closing and why

  • You will get to know how to use body language and tone to your advantage

  • You will experience how to make presentations to why the client choose you

  • You will experience different ways in which to close an order

  • You will probably have questions more that I can answer

  • You will also have from me a follow up call to see how you are progressing

For more information...

Please book here to discuss what your challenge is and how you would like me to help turn it into an opportunity...

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Customer testimonials

  • We now have a sales unit and customer services team supporting the business who all work for each other and the success of the business. We now have processes and systems and a pipeline that promises exciting times ahead, a situation that could not have happened without the Frank Marsh working alongside us.

    Daniel Aris Chairman Tower Supplies