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First impressions really do count so how well do you get the right points across on you, your business and what you provide for others?

If you currently struggle to give your sales pitch naturally then my workshop “SIXTY SECONDS TO BUY YOU” is right for you.

You may have a sales pitch scenario where you’ve rehearsed and polished every phrase, but that’s not always the context. Can you do it at 7.05am when a key prospect you weren’t expecting to see suddenly sits down next to you at a breakfast networking event, or when you make a first telephone call to a prospect or walk through the door of a first time meeting.

You need to be ready for that question, the only one that really matters.

  1. So, what is it that you do?
  2. So, can you answer the question and get remembered?

Places will be limited so we can all work and help each other. So you will need to be positive with an open mind and willing to be in the mix and try something new. Then it’s you in the spotlight before we close and don’t worry we will have some fun as well...

What you will achieve...

  • You’ll come away with an understanding of how to deliver the perfect elevator pitch and make the right first impression on your prospects

  • You will see how your body language and tone play a vital role

  • You will see how a simple framework keeps your sales pitch fresh and not repetitive

  • You will see how the elevator pitch adapts to various situations

  • You will gain an insight to what makes you special and memorable

  • You will be ready to try out the new you...before we close....

For more information...

Please book here to discuss what your challenge is and how you would like me to help turn it into an opportunity...

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Customer testimonials

  • Having worked with Frank a number of times in the past I know him to be a very rounded, experienced business professional who always delivers good quality advice with heaps of passion and determination. If you need help or advice with marketing or business development Frank's your man.

    Steve Darnell Director Virtual Finance Director