Helping SME Businesses to Consistently Win Sales.

The Centre Of Excellence is everything sales related and revolves around how you can make sales more consistently, make more profit from your sales, remove your competition, retain customers for life.

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If you have a sales challenge that I have faced and not converted into an opportunity then your sales challenge doesn’t exist...

YES... we are talking sales and how you find and win new business without losing what you already have. It makes no difference if you are a small, medium or enterprise business with a direct sales team, telephone account managers, third party channels, sell on-line or rely on social media, your buyer wants to have a great customer experience with you.

YES...selling today is all about your buyer and why they should trust you with their business. It’s not all about making a sale; it’s about how you make your buyer feel and how they believe you are right for them plus what else you will do to make sure they will remain a priority for the long term.

YES...we know people buy from people but prove you have at your heart your buyer’s interest and they will buy from you consistently. It’s having that great experience and how you made them feel that differentiates you from your competition.

  • Business Mentoring

    Mentoring is about you, your life and your rewards.

    I will work with you to build your TRUST and pass on my knowledge and experience. It’s not about telling you to do more it’s about you becoming better at what you do with your MENTOR sitting in front of you, working alongside you, with just one aim...

    YOU and YOUR business... making it better today than it was yesterday and better tomorrow than it is today...That’s a MENTOR that’s me...

    Frank marsh with his mentee discussing their business needs.
  • Sales training

    The Centre Of Excellence

    Will show you how to connect and engage with the right decision makers using the right questions to probe and seek information, listening and qualifying to understand and forming proposals that you have a 100% certainty of winning.

    So, if out-thinking, out-selling, out-marketing and out-smarting your competition the Frank Marsh Way is going to propel your business forwards then surely it must be worth exploring further...

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  • About me

    Hi, I'm Frank Marsh

    Selling and how to use its ways to transform your business is my area of expertise.

    It’s not overnight experience and success; it’s been 40 plus years in the making, learning the art and science of selling as both seller and buyer across a range of sectors including FMCG, Capital Equipment, Construction, Health and Safety, Leisure Industry and Technology.

Clients I've Helped...

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Customer testimonials

  • A big thank you from me to Santander UK and the Moving Ahead Mentoring Programme! My mentor has been nothing but absolutely professional, supportive and helpful throughout. A huuuuuuuuge THANK YOU to Frank Marsh who has delivered on every single promise that he laid out in the beginning and has fed back to me constantly throughout with summaries of our meetings and our action points.

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